The Beauty in Dying

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September 25, 2012 by Michael Vuke

Field with fall colors

photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

Fall is officially upon us, and in the coming months, the temperatures will begin to cool and the trees will change colors. Many people list fall as their favorites season, and there are many reasons to agree. The cool brisk air provides a welcome change from the sometimes sweltering and energy sapping days of summer, and a beautiful picture is painted onto the canvas of nature. We turn from fun times doing crazy things without friends in the summer time to warm reunions with family and fellowshipping together.

For all of this, many people who claim to love fall hate it when it begins to manifest itself.

For fall happens to all of us–none can escape it. We first experience spring, where we are rapidly growing and experiencing the world in all its newness and beauty. We are fascinated by everything, and the whole world is fresh and clean. Eventually, we move into the summer months; mostly carefree days spent having fun with our friends, going places, seeking adventure, and running free. But fall always happens, for youth and summer cannot last. Our hair begins to change colors, like autumn leaves, and the days grow colder in constant reminder that winter is around the corner. And we try to pretend it isn’t happening.

We are scared of death, and of anything that reminds us that we will one day die. When our hair starts to grey, we lie to ourselves and dye it back to the original color. When our skin starts to sag, we Botox and face lift to hold on to the illusion of youth.

We do all of this so that we do not have to face Death’s slow approach when we look in the mirror.

In nature, autumn is one of the most breathtaking times of year–should this not be the case in our lives too?

Instead of trying to reclaims the days of summer, should we not enjoy them while they last, and then appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in our fall?

Why should we fear death? All good things come to an end. For every spring there is a winter, for every beginning, an end. It is the way of things, and it is good.

We get stuck in one season, and miss the rest of the year. If it was always summer, we would never know the joy that comes from a warm fireplace on a cold day, or the comfort of a loving family gathered together to give thanks.

So welcome life in all its seasons, both coming and going. Live fully, and die well.

The best is always just around the corner, so don’t get caught up on what is behind you.


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