Who does God want you to vote for?

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October 24, 2012 by Michael Vuke

Obama vs. Romney--Vote!

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If you talk to me long enough, you’ll discover that I really am not a political guy. I have a good grasp on political theories and events, but I have a strong distaste for many of the things that politics brings along with it. But today I am going to go into the world of politics, and talk about something important.

I’m going to tell you how God wants you to vote.

As a Christian, we are supposed to follow God’s lead in every aspect of our lives—no exceptions. If Hosea listened and obeyed when God told him to marry a hooker, I think we might find it in ourselves to vote as God leads.

Why am I opening up this can of worms when I have aforementioned distaste for political things?

Because it’s important.

If you are an American citizen of age, the odds are you either are going to vote or have been told that you are a horrible person/citizen/Christian for not voting. And if you are an American citizen, the odds are you have heard billions of conflicting reports about what all the candidates believe, say, and do, and frankly you’re a little sick of hearing about it and just want someone to be elected. So what do you believe? What do the candidates stand for? Depending on who you ask,

Obama is: a) Karl Marx reincarnate hell-bent on destroying America by implementing his Islamic communist ways or b) the man who has the answers for what America needs, is implementing them, and personifies the American dream (and oh, btw he’s a Christian).

Romney is: a) Obama with white skin and a Republican title, and a vote for him is essentially a vote for Obama because they are the same and he is going to destroy America, the darn Mormon, or b) Jesus’ gift to America and the only things standing between a socialist regime and freedom.

Gary Johnson is: a) Who? I’ve never heard of this dude….is he seriously a candidate? He’s on the ballot in a bunch of states? That’s adorable. or b) GARY JOHNSON FOREVER!!! Ron Paul dropped out, and Johnson’s the next best thing! Libertarians unite! Conservatives unite! Throw off these oppressive chains of the two-party system and reclaim your freedom! Also: legalized marijuana and lots of guns. WOOO!!!!

So who does God want me to vote for?

None of these options are perfect, but God’s got to have one person that should be chosen…is there a candidate that God has ordained for all true Christians to vote for?

Not that I’m aware of.

You see, I don’t think God is too concerned about who is running the country; God runs the universe, so it is kinda unimportant from that perspective. God cares about individuals. What choice will bring you closer to God? What choice will allow you to reach more people for God?

God might want you to vote for someone that He doesn’t want me to vote for. We all have difference circles of influence, and a vote one way might shut doors for you but open them for me. It changes with each and every person.

There are some basic guidelines though:

If voting for a certain candidate causes you to go against what you believe is right, don’t do it!

Your voting actions should leave you with a clear conscience.

Pray about it, then do what you feel would bring God the most glory through you.  I chose to vote on a controversial amendment a while back. I prayed about it to see if God wanted me to vote a certain way, but was instead given the option to choose how I should vote. When I was given the all clear to vote either way, I looked at how my actions could impact my ability to engage others and reach out to them, and I looked at the potential impact upon personal freedom. From those criteria, I decided that if I opposed this bill, I would be able to have a greater positive impact for God that I otherwise would, and (as the icing on the cake), in the long run I believe it would have had a positive impact on personal liberties. Many other Christians voted for the amendment because their conscience dictated that they support it; to them it was the best way to support the things they valued (which might be the same things I value).

I applaud those that voted differently than me because their conscience required it.

When considering who to elect this year, don’t vote to win. Pray for wisdom, and then take action accordingly. For some, the only way to stand by their morals this year will be to abstain from voting. For others, one of the candidates will personify everything they want in the country. For others, the net impact of the candidate (pros vs. cons) will favor a candidate, and they can vote with a clear conscience for that person.

All of them will be voting the right way.


Hey guys! If you haven’t noticed, I took a bit of a break this month. Life got crazy with a wedding in the family (Woohoo!) and a week long job interview (I’ll be finding out in about a month how it went), a midterm, and catching up on school (still working on that) and work. I had planned to wait until November to post, but this was too important to put off. 

Exciting news:–Streamlined url! Goodbye clunky address, hello –Over the next several months I will be searching for a webhost that I can afford so I can transition over to the WordPress client instead of using the setup. If there will be downtimes, I will try to post or tweet out a warning ahead of time. I don’t anticipate any difficulties (other than actually finding the host), but you never know what will happen. 

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and just for being awesome. 



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