Old/Boring/30 list


I need deadlines; if I made a list of things to do before I died, I’d never get it checked off. So instead, here is a list of things I want to do before I become old or boring, or turn 30. (I add things and cross them off as needed)

    • Go bungee jumping
    • Go skydiving
    • Go on a massive road-trip visiting all of the 48 states
    • Host a Derby Party (dressing like you are attending the Derby is required)
    • Live in a state or country other than (my home state) for three or more months
    • Complete NaNoWriMo or my own version thereof
    • Live off the grid for one month
    • Learn to waltz
    • Go couchsurfing
    • Learn to surf
    • Learn to snowboard
    • Rock climb El Capitan or Half-Dome (or both!)
    • Get published in/by a major publication or publishing group (the difference being that one is a magazine/newspaper, and the other would be a book)
    • Own a dSLR
    • Find and participate in and/or found a modern-day coffeehouse dedicated to the exchange of ideas
    • Learn to flip (front and back)
    • Go scuba diving
    • Go snorkeling
    • Run a marathon
    • Learn Japanese
    • Visit a different continent
    • Go to a rock concert and hardcore dance and crowd surf
    • Become a manager
    • Hang-glide
    • Become insanely passionate about something good
    • Graduate college
    • Buy a car with cash up front
    • Go to or host a formal party
    • Write a love letter to my future wife once a week for a year
    • Donate blood
    • Go kayaking
    • Go canoeing
    • Own a kayak and/or canoe
    • Live at the beach
    • Live in the mountains
    • Become a better man
    • See the northern lights
    • Road trip with friends
    • Graduate high school
    • Ride a motorcycle
    • Learn to drive manual
    • Eat sushi
    • Write a book
    • Go inside the White House and Capitol building
    • Visit all the major monuments in Washington DC
    • Play in a band
    • Learn to play the piano, guitar, banjo, and bagpipes.
    • Read War and Peace and Les Miserables
    • Learn to whistle
    • Graffiti a wall (legally)
    • Visit Italy (Rome and Florence, especially), Greece, and Israel.

Hat-tip to Caitlin Muir for the idea of an O/B/30 list!


4 thoughts on “Old/Boring/30 list

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  3. Sophie says:

    I have War and Peace if you want to borrow it =)

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